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Are Texas drivers at a higher risk for auto accidents?

A recent study regarding the driving habits of Texas motorists revealed that many display aggressive behaviors while behind the wheel. When compared to drivers from other states, many drivers in Texas admit they regularly have road rage and intentionally drive aggressively. Not all aggressive driving results in a crash, but these types of habits can significantly increase the chance of auto accidents.

Road rage is a term used to describe any aggressive driving that makes another person feel unsafe or threatened. It can include things like following too closely, speeding, swerving between lanes, yelling at other drivers and making rude gestures. When polled, people say that they are likely to react badly or aggressively when another driver tailgates them.

Another thing that may make Texas drivers react aggressively and make bad decisions behind the wheel is when they notice another driver texting. Drivers say that they notice distracted drivers because they swerve into their lanes and do other things that may cause harm to others. While reacting to this with road rage is not the answer, distraction is a serious safety concern, and it is understandable how this can make someone upset.

Regardless of the reason why a person has road rage or is driving aggressively, he or she is still responsible for the choices made while behind the wheel. When auto accidents happen because someone is driving in a way that is negligent or reckless, the driver may be financially accountable for damages and injuries. Victims of road rage or other types of aggressive behavior have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.