According to the WHO, half of 1.27 million people who die in road traffic crashes every year are motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

Some of the main factors that increase the risk of injuries caused in these accidents are driving under the influence of alcohol and motorcyclists not wearing their helmet. 

Wearing a helmet correctly reduces the risk of death by 40% in an accident and decreases the risk of a severe injury by 70%. 

The correct use of helmet:

The helmet protects motorcyclists from most serious forms of brain trauma.

Unfortunately, many drivers are not trained to look for smaller vehicles and others are not used to pedestrian traffic. Here are some safety tips to prevent motorcycle crashes:

1.-  Take extra attention when making any turn. It’s simple to miscalculate the closeness and speed of an oncoming motorcycle, so it’s safest to let the motorcycle pass.

2.- Pay special attention to intersections because many motorcycle accidents happen here.

3.-  Always use turn signals, look twice when you change lanes, and check mirrors and blindspots.

4.- If you are behind a motorcycle, keep a safe distance, which may be more length than you’d give a car.

5.- Avoid distractions and give your full attention to the highway.

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