Tips for Drinking at Holiday Parties

We all want to get into the holiday spirit, especially at parties. However, it is important to have a driving plan, especially if you intend to indulge in alcohol. If you are going out with a partner, maybe alternate who will drive and who will drink for various occasions. It is okay to have one or two drinks while at a party if you intend to drive unless you know that you cannot limit yourself.  If you do have a drink, make sure you drink water and give yourself an hour or two without consuming alcohol before you get back on the road.

If you are the one hosting a party, make sure you offer some delicious non-alcoholic beverages. Having only alcoholic holiday drinks and soda or water isn’t enough to help people resist indulging in alcohol. Here are some delicious non-alcoholic holiday-themed beverages that you might want to try:

What to know about Police Checkpoints

After enjoying a holiday party, the last thing you want is an encounter with the police. It is your responsibility not to drive while intoxicated, as it is illegal to drive drunk in Texas. Police may stop you to check your registration if you are putting others at risk with your driving, but it is illegal to have sobriety checkpoints in Texas. If you are asked to take an alcohol test, you should obey, although they cannot force you to take one. They can, however, suspend your license and use it as evidence against you in court, but the arresting officer will need to seek a warrant to arrest you. 

You should know that a driver’s BAC cannot be at or above .08 (about four or five drinks), no matter how much alcohol you think you can handle and drive.

A DWI charge is serious, but if it is ascertained through some kind of roadblock checkpoint, then you should consult a lawyer, as you likely have a good case to get the charges dismissed. It is illegal in Texas to set up roadblocks specifically to look for drunk drivers. Texas is one of 9 states that outlaw DUI checkpoints, but know that you will have to submit to them in states where they are legal. You can research specifics about all 50 states here.

Please drink this holiday season responsibly. If you think you were illegally stopped for a sobriety check in Texas, please reach out to our office for assistance.