Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is strenuous enough, between dealing with insurance companies and the police. Take the other party out of the equation because they fled the scene and now you have an even trickier situation: a hit and run case. In the state of Texas, there are certain things that must happen in a hit and run accident and require anyone involved, no matter who is at fault, to remain at the scene and discuss property damages and/or injuries. Leaving the scene before doing required actions could lead to a felony.

What to do When the Other Driver Flees

The first thing to do when involved in an accident is to remain calm and make sure you and any passengers you may have are in a safe spot on the road, away from traffic flow, if possible. Even if no one is seriously injured, it is crucial to call 911 as soon as possible so they can assess the scene and make sure everyone is okay. Whatever you do, do NOT follow the fleeing driver. You will miss out on an opportunity to speak with eye witnesses and the police who will want to question who is at fault. An official police report will help with finding the missing driver and will be very helpful when you file an accident claim.

If there are any witnesses, ask them to stick around and wait for the police to arrive so they can make a statement for the police report. If they are unable to stay, get their name and phone number for future reference. Don’t hesitate to immediately contact your insurance provider. The sooner they know that the other driver fled, the easier it will be for them to assist your case and get you the best possible outcome.

It is crucial in a hit and run case to gather as much information about the fleeing driver as possible, such as:

It is difficult to handle an accident when you have no information about the other driver. They most likely fled because they don’t have insurance or were intoxicated at the time of the accident, which can result in them paying more compensation for punitive damages (intentionally or recklessly causing harm, or acts in an egregious manner).

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