Concierge Service For Insurance Claims

If Your Insurance Acts In Bad Faith, We Will Help You File A First-Party Claim.

Although you may be the most cautious driver on the roads of Texas, accidents are unpredictable. This reasoning is likely why insurance companies exist and thrive to this day. But despite having insurance, are you truly protected?

At Hoestenbach Law Group our personal injury attorneys look out for you when your insurance fails to look out for you. Talk to us today about how we can help you dispute a denied, delayed, or underpaid claim. When you pay for the peace of mind that an insurance company promises, they should honor their commitment to you.

When Is A First-Party Insurance Claim Necessary?

In most cases when a negligent driver causes an accident, you would file a third-party claim. However, there are incidents where filing a first-party insurance claim is necessary.

These may include, but are not limited to, the following situations:

  • You were at fault in the car accident due to a negligent act such as running a stop sign.
  • The other driver was drunk and is at fault, but lacks adequate coverage to cover your damages.
  • The negligent party is not insured at all and thus cannot pay for the damages they caused.
  • Your insurance company is refusing to honor your claim under your homeowners’ insurance policy

Your insurance should take care of you, even if you were liable for the accident. But if they don’t, you can trust that we will.

Hold Your Insurance Company Accountable

Regardless of how the motor vehicle accident might have occurred, your insurance company still has a duty to help you. You shouldn’t have to forgo treatment for your injuries or pay for damages entirely out of pocket.

If your insurance chooses not to act in good faith, reach out to us at once. We can help you hold them accountable for the terms of their policies. Call us in Austin at 512-472-8865 or in Midland-Odessa at 432-219-6363 to schedule a consultation with a skilled insurance claims lawyer today. You may also email us your questions using our online contact form. We serve both English and Spanish speakers.