Cargo transportation is an important sector of many industries. It provides service for economic activities and generates employment. Most of the things you see at home or in your office were brought to this country from another part of the world. Once cargo reaches our shores, it is put on trucks and shipped across the country. While we depend on these shipments, it is important to note that truck drivers are responsible for several kinds of road accidents each year.

But can we really talk about this as if they are accidents?

Most truck accidents are due to negligence on the part of truck drivers or improper procedures by the company they work for.

Not every truck accident is fatal, but it can leave serious injuries to the person not driving the truck.

The most common causes of truck accidents include:

1.- Speed of a turn.

Big trucks are more susceptible to a rollover accident than smaller cars. Rollover accidents happen basically when the truck driver can’t reduce the speed when taking a turn.

2.- Sleepiness.

Studies show that some truck drivers suffer minor or severe sleep apnea. This results in excessive sleepiness during the day, difficulty in concentration, and difficulty reacting quickly.

3.- Drug and alcohol use.

Truck drivers work long shifts and some of them depend on alcohol and the use of other substances to overcome their fatigue.

4.- Unsecured loads.

Federal and state laws require that truck drivers secure their loads a certain way. If the truck driver or the company doesn’t properly secure the load, it can release and cause serious accidents on the road.

5.- Tire bursts.

This often happens when the trucks companies do not execute appropriate truck maintenance and sometimes it’s caused by a defective tire.

A truck accident can leave serious lifetime injuries. If you or your loved ones are unfortunately affected by one, let us help you to get the compensation you desrve.