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Hold Responsible Parties Accountable For Your Oil Field Injuries

While it’s true that jobs in the Texas oil fields do pose higher risks, this fact does not justify the serious injuries you may sustain in this line of work. This is especially true when a third-party contractor injures you.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or death out in the oil fields, get in contact with Hoestenbach Law Group today. With our help, you can pursue financial relief from the appropriate parties involved in your oil field accident.

When To Make A Third-Party Claim

Although workers’ compensation will cover some of the costs of your injuries, it may not be enough. With our guidance, you can explore alternative means to recuperate your losses. Let us help you assess your circumstances to see whether you can make a third-party claim.

Make a claim with a third-party contractor’s insurer when they:

  • Hit you with their vehicle
  • Create a hazardous working environment
  • Drop an object on you
  • Injure you with heavy machinery
  • Cause a fatal rigging incident
  • Expose you to toxic material

In some instances, you may even be able to obtain additional compensation from the manufacturer of the equipment that injured you.

Get Compensated For A Lifetime Of Pain And Suffering

Whether your oil field injuries are physical or emotional, they can last a lifetime. For this reason, you deserve to be fairly and fully compensated. Get started on the claims process with help from our experienced personal injury attorneys today.

For more information on the comprehensive services we offer, call us in Midland-Odessa at 432-219-6363. You may also reach us via email. Our lawyers serve both English and Spanish speakers living in the Midland-Odessa community.

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