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Unsafe Premises Can Lead To Injuries.Seek A Liability Claim.

When a place of business fails to maintain their premises, accidents can happen. This means that a standard trip to the grocery store or even a shopping mall can quickly turn into an unexpected injury, an injury that can lead to costly expenses and lifelong issues for you or a loved one.

If you have sustained injuries from such an incident, we encourage you to contact the Hoestenbach Law Group today. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can draw on their experience working with similar premise liability injury cases to guide you.

Negligence Is Not An Accident

Often our clients are not even aware of the strong case they have on their hands. They may even believe that the incident was merely an accident. But Texas businesses are legally obligated to provide a safe space for workers and customers.

This means:

  • Keeping all hazardous materials correctly stored away in a safe place
  • Cleaning wet and slick areas on the property to prevent slips and falls
  • Ensuring the proper maintenance of machinery used at the facility
  • Providing adequate security to protect customers or workers

When these standards are not met and an injury occurs, companies must take responsibility for their oversight.

With Us By Your Side, You Can Take Them On

The thought of taking on a large corporation or business in a legal battle can be intimidating. But our lawyers are here to address and ease these concerns. The fact that their negligence caused your injuries means you deserve compensation. You don’t have to brush off the incident, settle for less, or go without the treatments you need.

Reach out to us in Austin at 512.472.8865, in Odessa at 432.219.6363, or in Dallas at 972.502.9600 to discuss your case. You can also send your questions via email or send us a text. Our experienced attorneys will help you get the necessary medical care and fight for your right to maximum compensation. For legal help in the Austin area, the Odessa area, and the Dallas area come to us. We also proudly represent people in every city, town, and county in the state of Texas. We serve both English and Spanish speakers alike.

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