Why Holidays Can Be Dangerous on the Road

According to AutoInsurance.org, Thanksgiving is the 8th deadliest holiday on the road in the US, with 391 fatal car crashes in 2020. Many people choose to drive to see family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday, increasing the chances of more accidents on the road. It is rational to assume that with more traffic, there is a higher likelihood of collisions. However, the road does not have to be dangerous, if you consider taking these extra precautions.

How to Be Safe on the Road this Thanksgiving

While you should always follow general safety rules while driving, there are a few things you should also consider when driving during the holiday season:

We wish you and your family a safe holiday season! Try to take the stress out of traveling by being prepared and following our tips while on the road. However, if the worst should happen, know that our office will always be here to help!