It’s time once again to come together and visit loved ones, some of whom may be far away. If you choose to make it a road trip to visit family this holiday season, make sure you are ready for the road. Many of us haven’t traveled very far in a while; we all need a refresher on how to travel safely! Read our tips on how to be safe on the road during the holidays.

Before You Drive

You should always do a general check of your car before taking a long road trip. Make sure you check your tire pressure and have fluids topped off before hitting the road. If you may drive into inclement weather, have an ice scraper handy. To be extra cautious, especially if you will be driving on country roads or in very rural areas, include a flashlight and blanket in your car.

Tips for Driving Alone

Long trips on your own can be exhausting. It is important to have a plan as you drive to keep yourself focused and awake. 

Tips for Inclement Weather

You may not be used to winter weather on the road. Follow these safety tips should you encounter snow, sleet, or even ice:

Remember, it is always better to arrive late and safely than to risk driving in hazardous weather.  Be cautious and use common sense on the road.

We wish everyone a happy holiday season! Enjoy visiting friends and family, and we will see you next year!