Facts about tires and car accidents

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 33,000 accidents a year are caused by tires. Specifically, tire failure causes 11,000 accidents and 200 deaths a year in the United States. SUVs have the highest rollover rate due to tire issues, at 45%, while smaller vehicles rolled over about 25% of the time due to pre-crash tire issues.

Overall, the following tire conditions make a car accident more likely:

Statistics from United Tires Library

Road Conditions

The weather can also be a factor in your chances of an issue with your tires. Wet or icy conditions can make it harder to navigate, especially if you do not have the right kind of tires for the terrain or conditions. Poorly maintained roads can also be an issue, especially hard-to-spot potholes or rocky surfaces.

In 2021, Texas had 2,157 crashes due to defective or slick tires in rural areas alone! Urban areas experienced fewer, at 1,951, but both numbers are still alarming. This data indicates that tire maintenance and road conditions are critical to being safe on the road.

Source: TxDot

Tire Types & Maintenance

You should know what the weather patterns and terrain are like in your area before you purchase tires. The type of tires you purchase may help or hinder your overall safety on the road.

Make sure you select the appropriate tire size for your make and model. Here is a quick guide to the types of tires available:

Even more important than getting the right tires is keeping them maintained. You should monitor these maintenance areas on a regular basis:

Source: NHTSA

How we can help

Even when we do everything right in maintaining our vehicles, accidents still may occur. Please reach out to our office if you have been involved in an accident. We will be happy to help with your case, and assist you through the process should your case need to go to court.