When to seek medical attention

Some people may hesitate to seek medical attention after an accident because of a lack of insurance. However, you have a right under the Affordable Care Act to get emergency medical care even if you are without insurance or, if you do have it, are outside your network (Prestige ER). Therefore, you should always allow Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to evaluate your injuries on the scene of an accident. Even if an injury is not immediately noticeable to you, having this initial screening can be helpful in a number of ways. For one, you will know if you need to seek further immediate care. Also, you will know how soon you should follow up care with your primary doctor, and finally, you will have a record of any potential injury that was caused by the accident.

Some injuries are not immediately apparent, and may take a day or two or even weeks to appear. You should schedule a follow up appointment with your primary care physician after an accident, to double check any potential injuries and to start receiving treatment. This is also why the initial screening at the accident can be useful; EMTs will treat immediate injuries, but they can also help you evaluate if there may be any hidden injuries that should be treated by your primary care physician.

How medical reports can help your case

Medical professionals help establish your medical history as it relates to an accident. Their diagnoses, prognoses, and other medical advice and treatment can all play into how your case is presented. All of this documentation helps establish a medical case chronology, which will in turn help a personal injury lawyer build your case (MOS). 

Keeping clear records and being consistent with doctor’s visits is also very important when you have been injured in an accident. While your physician will have all of your medical records, it will help facilitate your lawyer’s understanding of your chronology if  your personal records are well organized:

Note that the tracking of care should not stop once you’ve hired a lawyer. This is an ongoing process until your case gets resolved. These documents combined help determine the proximity of the accident to the injury itself, and can be used to evaluate compensation in a personal injury case (Lezdo TechMed). This is why these documents and timelines need to be established as soon as possible after the injury from an accident.

If you have been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation, please reach out to our office for further assistance.