According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 14, 545 people sustained a serious injury in car accidents in 2020, despite travel down by about 50% due to the pandemic (TDOT). While not extremely likely you will be injured in a car accident, it is still good to know what to do should it ever happen.

Immediate Tips

Texas is an “at-fault” state

Proving Pain & Suffering

Compensation does not happen immediately. You will need to prove your pain and suffering in court, or at least to the insurance company. Be sure to keep clear records, including:

Proving who is at fault can be tricky, especially if there is reason to claim some fault from multiple parties. This is why it can be beneficial to hire a practiced injury lawyer to represent your case in court, if need be. You can trust that Hoestenbach Law Group will make every effort to support you, should you ever need our help in resolving such a case.