Trucking Accidents

An accident with a commercial truck can be a catastrophic experience, as serious injuries and expenses could result. Accidents with trucks are also complicated; multiple parties may be at fault, and you may have to file claims with several insurance companies, depending on the trucker’s liabilities.  These kinds of accidents are some of the most serious that you can have on the road, and you should allow an expert lawyer handle what can often be a complicated case.

Four Reasons to Get an Attorney in a Trucking Accident

What a Lawyer Can Do

An experienced accident lawyer can investigate details of an accident and determine the true cost of damages, including pain and suffering. Lawyers know how to investigate both federal and state regulations for trucks to determine if they were following protocols at the time of the accident. Our office can also investigate who is at fault: the driver,  the trucking company, or even both. We can also handle the communication with the at-fault parties and negotiate with well-funded insurance companies. It is not easy to go up against a trucking company in a lawsuit because of the multi-faceted aspects that you must work through. If you are injured in a trucking accident, please reach out to us and we will help you get the settlement you deserve.